Chalice and Cairde Rings



The Chalice and Cairde ring collections, The colors of autumn sparkle in our handmade 14k gold rings, each set with a vibrant zircon in the golden, green, red, brown and amber tones of fall in Vermont. Foliage fantastic!

Amber cushion cut 1.65 ct zircon in 14k wg Cairde Ring- Sold!

Red pear cut 1.49 ct zircon in 14k wg with 14k rg bezel Chalice Ring

Green oval cut 1.08 ct zircon in 14k wg with 14k yg bezel Chalice Ring

Brown oval cut 1.66 ct zircon in 14k rg Cairde Ring- Sold!

Golden cushion cut 1.63 ct zircon in 14k yg with 14k wg bezel Chalice Ring- Sold!

Please contact us for ordering a ring size beyond 5 to 9